Television + Film

Waitress & Chicago -Mac'y Parade CBS11/9/23Barrymore & Ambassador Theatre
Waitress (Broadway Video Capture)9/23/22Barrymore Theatre
Act One (Vivian Beaumont Theater)12/15/14Live from Lincoln Center
Eternal Echoes12/5/13PBS Great Performances
Carousel (NY Philharmonic)3/2/13Live from Lincoln Center
Smash Season 2 Episode 173/6/13NBC / Dreamworks
Smash Season 2 Episode 110/25/12NBC / Dreamworks
National Geographic Bee5/25/05PBS-Maryland Public TV
National Geographic Bee5/26/04PBS-Maryland Public TV
Heights (Theatrical Sequences)11/1/03Merchant Ivory Productions
National Geographic Bee5/21/03PBS-Maryland Public TV
ABT's Leading Men2/3/03PBS-WNET Thirteen
National Geographic Bee5/22/02PBS-Maryland Public TV
American Ballet Theatre8/24/01PBS-Great Performances
National Geographic Bee5/23/01PBS-Maryland Public TV
National Geographic Bee5/24/00PBS-Maryland Public TV
Stars On Ice4/18/00Canadian Broadcasting Network
Hayden's Creation Concert3/26/00PBS - Maryland Public TV
Little Women - Houston Opera3/18/00PBS - Great Performances
Target Stars On Ice11/27/99CBS
National Geography Bee5/26/99PBS - Maryland Public TV
Chrysler Stars On Ice4/18/99Canadian Broadcasting Network
Discover Stars On Ice11/30/98NBC Sports
Discover Stars On Ice11/28/99TBS Sports
National Geography Bee5/20/98PBS - Maryland Public TV
Sunlife Stars On Ice5/1/98Candian Braodcasting Network
Discover Stars On Ice1/6/98NBC Sports
Discover Stars On Ice11/29/97TBS Sports
National Geography Bee5/28/97PBS- Maryland Public TV
Discover Stars On Ice1/3/97NBC Sports
Discover Stars On Ice11/30/96TBS Sports
GQ Awards10/28/96VH-1
Chrysler Stars On Ice4/19/96Canadian Broadcasting Network
A Celebration Of Life2/27/96CBS Sports
Discover Stars On Ice1/13/96TBS Sports
Discover Stars On Ice1/5/96NBC Sports
Wall Street Week 25th Anniv.11/17/95PBS - Maryland Public TV
National Geography Bee5/31/95PBS - Maryland Public TV
Sunlife Stars On Ice4/21/95Canadian Broadcasting Network
Discover Stars On Ice11/26/95TBS Sports
Discover Stars On Ice12/28/95NBC Sports
National Geography Bee5/25/94PBS - Maryland Public TV
Sunlife Stars On Ice4/15/94Canadian Broadcasting Network
Barney Live! At Radio City12/94Leach Productions Home Video
Discover Stars On Ice1/6/94NBC Sports
Discover Stars On Ice11/27/93TBS Sports
Bernstein At 75 (Live-Lincoln Ctr)8/25/93Ambeson Productions
National Geography Bee5/26/93PBS - Maryland Public TV
Discover Stars On Ice1/6/93NBC Sports
Discover Stars On Ice11/14/92TBS Sports
The Search for Scarlet10/4/92Robert Halmi Productions
Brian Boitano/Katrina Witt Tour3/4/92CBS Sports
Tru11/21/91PBS American Playhouse
The Musicals: Wrap Around w/ Jane Powell8/8/89WNET New York
Showboat6/22/89PBS Great Performances
Our Town (Broadway Prod.)4/25/89PBS/GP Brandman Productions
Happy New Year, USA12/31/88PBS - Maryland Public TV
The Aspern Papers11/27/88PBS - Great Performances
Gerogetown Univ. 200th Anniv.10/1/88Williams/Gerrard Productions
Bernstein At 70 at Tanglewood8/25/88Unitel-Intl. TV Trading
Leonard Bernstein & The BSO8/28/88Unitel Intl. TV Trading
The New Moon6/25/88PBS - Great Performances
The Philadelphia Orchestra6/17/88PBS - Great Performances
Wolf Trap Salutes The Piano6/8/88PBS - On Stage at Wolf Trap
Canadian Brass At Wolf Trap2/15/88PBS - On Stage at Wolf Trap
Happy New Year USA1/1/88PBS - Maryland Public TV
Nixon In China10/87PBS - Great Performances
Aida10/87PBS - Great Performances
Maureen McGovern At Wolf Trap10/87PBS - On Stage at Wolf Trap
Tony Bennett At Wolf Trap10/87PBS - On Stage at Wolf Trap
James Galway And The Cheiftans08/87PBS - On Stage at Wolf Trap
Wolf Trap Salutes Dizzy Gillespie6/6/87PBS - On Stage at Wolf Trap
ASCAP Salutes Wolf Trap6/3/87PBS - Great Performances
A Gershwin Gala3/11/87PBS - Great Performances
The Music Of Jule Styne1/29/87PBS - Great Performances
Candide11/11/86PBS - Live from Lincoln Center
Madama Butterfly9/27/85PBS - Great Performances
Turandot6/16/83Austrian State TV/MGM, UA
Groucho7/82Tomorrow Entertainment/HBO
Wait Until Dark5/82Paul Heller Productions/HBO
Plaza Suite3/82Paramount Television/HBO
Broadway1/82Lorimar Productions
Barefoot In The Park12/81Paramount Television/HBO
Sherlock Holmes9/81Home Box Office
Willie Stark6/81PBS - Great Performances
A Rockette Spectacular5/80Radio City Music Hall, Prods.
It's Spring3/80Radio City Music Hall, Prods.
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs2/80Radio City Music Hall, Prods.